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What to do with figs

What to do with figs

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Who can tell how you can get rid of figs? The fact is that we transplanted figs from one place to another, but we were not able to fully dig out the root. I wish that the figs in the same place no longer grow. How to cope with this, how to root a plant?


With figs only to dig and remove for several years, this is the safest way, eaten for some reason it is not possible. Then you have to apply pesticides, add under the root, but in this case you poison the ground. Although you’re tired, you’ll have to do the digging all the time. And the root can be excavated and a hole drilled in it, but not through, and a pesticide solution can be poured into it, covered with a film on an elastic band from above, so the root will die out and cease to shoot.

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