Hybrids Around Us: Everyday

Hybrids Around Us: Everyday

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In the modern world, it is customary to avoid GMO products like the plague. However, not all hybrids are equally harmful. Even the simple corn, as we know it now - large yellow cobs with juicy seeds inside - once looked like unripe peas, and it was completely dry and hard to taste.

A hybrid of raspberries and blackberries, as well as corn, is not a novelty.

Such famous varieties as "commerce", "mirage" and "taganka" all have an admixture of blackberry genes. They give the raspberries a characteristic large size. A concentrated hybrid of these two berries is called ezemalin. It is endowed with the characteristics of both plants. Depending on which genes in which particular form are more: raspberries or blackberries, the berry will be like one of the mothers, have a more purple or pink color.

Hybrid Description

First of all, raspberries were crossed with blackberries to increase the positive basic qualities of both plants such as:

  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to drought;
  • productivity.

The taste of the final crossbreeding hybrid was only positively affected. The sweetness of raspberries is complemented by a slight sourness of the blackberry, moreover, the berries remain fresh longer and are easier to transport.

Scientists spent a lot of time to develop such an unpretentious and persistent hybrid, and many unsuccessful hybrids were bred before obtaining a satisfactory result.

However, now, thanks to these attempts, there is a huge variety of species and varieties of hedgehog that can grow in various regions.


Ezemalin is divided into many different varieties and species, but in most cases the berries are large, slightly larger than blackberries, dark purple with a slight admixture of pink.

Outwardly, Ezhemalin is a semi-sprawling bush that spreads along the ground by shoots, some branches grow up, but fall over time. The plant is highly valued for its decorative effect, as it remains attractive for a long period of vegetation. Ezemalin blooms in large white and pink flowers, and the berries in most varieties are collected in neat brushes.

Thanks to the efforts of scientists, there are varieties that do not have thorns, which greatly facilitates the harvest.

Planting and plant care

Ezemalin unpretentious hybrid. It is adaptable and can grow well on almost any soil, but for the best result, fertile, moderately moist, loose soils are suitable. In mid-spring and early autumn, saplings can be planted in areas protected from the wind.

Seedlings must be handled carefully, it is impossible to damage the earth. The best planting scheme is in rows, at a distance of not less than 80 centimeters between the bushes. The distance between the rows can be up to two meters, the main thing to consider is the amount of sunlight received by the plants. Depending on the variety of berries and the size of the bushes, the distance may vary, as well as recommendations for care. But the main landing parameters do not change. After planting, the soil is abundantly watered with warm water and added to the desired level.

Esemalin does not require special care. With proper preparation, the bushes tolerate winter well in the middle lane. Plants that have reached two meters in length are pinched tops, which can also be done with long shoots.

If the winter in the region is cold, the shoots need to be insulated. To do this, just lay them on the ground and cover them with suitable material. It can be peat, straw or burlap.

Bushes multiply every month mainly by cuttings and layering. For young shoots, it is required to create greenhouse conditions for a while, and then, in the spring, you can plant them in open ground.

Depending on the variety, Yezemalin can be susceptible to various diseases, therefore it is important to monitor the condition of young shoots and check the bushes for pests in time.

Ezemalin is an incredible hybrid bred by scientists and endowed with the best qualities of both berries. Good productivity and unpretentiousness create an excellent combination of qualities. These bushes are simply obliged to be in each suburban area.

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