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How to save Tui

How to save Tui

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In mid-April I acquired thuja, then I had to leave, stood for a long time in the room, began to dry out, but in my absence it was watered. Disembarked only 10 days ago. The earth is very good, nutritious, drained, poured mulch 1, 5-2cm, planted in a container near the facade. Help, how to save her?


and what kind of weather did you have 10 days ago - in fact, you need to replant the thuja before the fall, and then if there are no strong night frosts. The fact that you made the drainage is a very correct decision; you could also sprinkle the roots with a mixture of peat and sand. You need to pay attention to the root neck, in your case, the neck was probably above the ground - therefore, it began to dry out. Look how the neck is now located, if it is at the level of the soil, then the thuja should come to life, and if you buried it in the ground, then most likely you will begin to rot the roots and trunk. The root neck! Special attention!

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