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Dates and rules for planting tulips

Dates and rules for planting tulips

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Amateur gardeners often wonder - when to plant tulips? After all, the final result depends on this. Of course, you can not pay increased attention to this issue - the flowers will bloom in any case, however, they can be small. If you clearly understand when it is necessary to transplant tulips, the plants will not degenerate, and the result will exceed expectations.

Determine the timing of planting in the fall

What is the best time to plant flowers: in spring or autumn? Of course, everyone determines the planting time for himself, but the autumn period is considered more suitable. You can work in the spring, but then the tulips will bloom later than the plants planted in the winter.

Why is it better to choose autumn? The reason is that tulip bulbs need a cooling period that provokes active growth of the crop.

In Russia, wild tulips begin to grow after the snow melts, so it is recommended to create similar conditions for them in the garden. They say that you can plant directly under the snow in December. But in this case, you need to cover the plants with spruce branches, foliage, throw snow on top so that they do not freeze.

It turns out that December is not the best time to plant: there is too much work to be done, but there is no guarantee that the bulb will rise.

It’s impossible to single out the term for planting and replanting tulips, because you need to focus on the weather. If the work is done too early, the bulbs will sprout, which means that they will freeze very much when it gets cold outside. Planting too late is also impossible, otherwise the bulbs will not have time to take root, and in spring the plants will sprout later than we would like.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the deadline is shifting, but there is hardly a gardener who does not want to get tulips to bloom early.

Rules for planting tulips

Determination of landing time

How to find out favorable days for planting tulips? You can look at the lunar calendar or measure the temperature of the soil on the site. Measurements are carried out in any month according to the rules:

  • It is necessary to take readings from a depth of 15 centimeters;
  • If they are equal to the mark of 8 degrees and above, you can plant a plant.

If you look at the lunar calendar, it becomes clear that favorable time for work is the end of September and the second half of October. It all depends on the weather and the region where you live. Do not forget that the germination period is increased, since after planting, tulips need time to grow roots!

Dig bulbs after flowering

What to do with flowers after flowering? First of all, flower growers should be removed so that seeds do not begin to form.

Green leaves can be left, from them the plant will receive nutrients. But, if the foliage turns yellow, it will be right to start digging up tulips. The exact date of the work cannot be specified - it depends on the area, plant variety, weather conditions.

You can choose the right time only with orientation to the state of the plant. If the cultivation of flowers is on an industrial scale, the bulbs are dug up after flowering. However, next year they may be weakened.

It is not worth waiting for the complete death of the aerial parts of the plant, since the bulb can become infected with some kind of infection, starting to rot. Dig up before the kids have gained strength. The optimal time for work is June, July.

Tulip bloom in Russia

In Russia, tulips are distilled from January to May. At the same time, only large and dense 30-gram bulbs bloom well. But, in order to wait for flowering, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions.

  1. Before planting, plants are stored at high temperature.
  2. After planting for 14 weeks, the bulbs undergo periods of cooling and rooting.
  3. For a month before the onset of buds, tulips are kept at a temperature of +20 degrees.
  4. Regardless of the month in which flowering occurs, after it you need to move the plants to a cool place.
  5. After the stem and flower have dried, the tulip bulbs are dug up.

Tulip bloom in Holland

In the country of tulips - Holland - these flowers appear in all their glory from mid-April to mid-May. Grow flowers throughout the country, but most of them are concentrated near the North Sea, near the cities of Leiden and The Hague.

If you want to enjoy the riot of colors of flowering tulips, it’s better to go straight to Keikenhof park. Here, in even rows on unusual-shaped flower beds are flowers with a juicy, non-trivial color. In the park, the sale of varietal plants is allowed, so each visitor has the opportunity to purchase their favorite look and take away from Holland to their homeland.

Planting tulips according to the lunar calendar

How long should flowers be planted according to the lunar calendar? In central Russia, it is recommended that work be carried out from September 15 to October 15. It is better to meet deadlines, as late planting will lead to freezing of the bulbs.

Tulips should be planted in loamy, well-drained soil. If the soil consists of clay, it is worth adding horse peat and sand to it.

In the Moscow Region, the Leningrad Region, the Urals, and Siberia, it is correct to work with tulips at the end of September. During this period, the days are not so cold, which means that the root system of plants will have time to form.

Autumn tulip planting

Before planting, it will be correct not only to meet the deadlines, but also to withstand the bulbs for an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate. It is allowed to use special dressing agents for this purpose, after which the plants will develop much better. At the end of the flowering of tulips, regardless of the region, the bulbs are dug up.

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