Grapes "Pretty Woman": features of the variety and growing rules

Grapes "Pretty Woman": features of the variety and growing rules

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Grapes "Pretty Woman" from an amateur selection of Yevgeny Pavlovsky is a promising hybrid table form obtained by crossing the Victoria variety known to many winegrowers and a mixture of pollen belonging to the European-Amur forms.

Grade characteristics

The hybrid form (GF) of the very early ripening period "Pretty Woman" allows you to get a crop in 105-115 days. This hybrid of grapes fully justifies its name with the external attractiveness of ripe bunches and berries aligned with the shape.

Biological description

Table grapes "Pretty Woman" has medium-sized bushes. Shoots and vine ripen very well, at 80-90%. Bisexual flowers. Grape bushes have a multi-level and fairly deep root system, which contributes to rapid growth and stable fruiting.

Productivity is average in terms of performance. Heavy and rather heavy clusters, the weight of which can vary from 500 to 600 g, are attractive and medium in density structure. The shape of the grape brush is somewhat elongated and narrowed.

Technical specifications

Grapes "Pretty Woman" forms very beautiful, relatively large berries, the average mass of which is 6-7 g. The shape of the berries is elongated, with a slight sharpening in the end part. The main color of the berry is dark pink, with a purple tip. The taste is pleasant and harmonious, with a predominance of muscat aroma.

The flesh is refreshing, quite sweet and juicy, with a slight acidity. Pulp seeds are extremely rare. Their quantity does not exceed 2 pcs. The peel is strong enough, but thin and not noticeable when eating. Sugar content of juice on average about 15 g / 100 cm3at an acidity of 6.6 g / dm3.

Grade Benefits

The hybrid form of "Pretty Woman" grapes has a large number of advantages declared by the author, which make it attractive for personal cultivation:

  • resistance to sunlight and no burns on berries;
  • frost resistance gf reaches -24 degrees;
  • resistant to damage by oidium and gray rot;
  • increased resistance to mildew and anthracnosis is estimated at 5-7 points;
  • appearance and presentation;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • medium but very stable yield;
  • the possibility of obtaining a very early crop.

A definite drawback of this hybrid is the appearance of bursting berries in rainy summers.

Landing rules

Grapes "Pretty Woman" is one of the very sun-loving and photophilous, which requires the placement of vineyards in the most lighted and protected from the through wind sections. When landing, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • the place under the landing pits should have excellent drainage;
  • soil acidity should be medium;
  • the best option is the location of the bushes on the southern and southwestern slopes without stagnation of cold air masses;
  • the groundwater level should be at least 1.5 m from the surface;
  • the site should be dug up and, if necessary, liming of acidic soil;
  • as fertilizers, it is recommended to use manure and humus, and on depleted soil, the introduction of complex fertilizer is required;
  • clay soil and heavy chernozem is supplemented by superphosphates;
  • sandy loam soil should be supplemented with nitrogen fertilizers;
  • manure or humus must be added to the sandy soil, and peat or compost with superphosphate is also allowed.

Grapes "Pretty Woman": characteristics

When planting seedlings, it is necessary to maintain a depth of placement of the root system of 60 cm, and also to observe the distance between plants, which can be 1.2-1.5 m. Siding to a wooden or metal support will help to direct the growth of the vine vertically.

Care Features

Grapes "Pretty Woman" can not be attributed to the whimsical or "capricious" hybrid forms that require highly skilled or especially complex care. Nevertheless, indicators and yield stability will directly depend on compliance with the basic rules of agricultural technology.

Watering and feeding

The hybrid form of grapes called "Pretty Woman" needs systematic watering.

  • If there is natural rainfall, watering should be normalized once a week. In dry weather, the irrigation rate increases.
  • The categories of main and most abundant irrigation include moisture recharge and vegetation. Ten days before the final ripening of the crop, watering should be stopped completely to protect the berries from cracking.
  • Equally important are top dressing of grape bushes. When laying fertilizers at the stage of planting seedlings, plants should not be fed the first two or three years.
  • At the beginning of the growing season, with the plant actively growing green mass, attention should be paid to the introduction of nitrogenous fertilizers.
  • At the stage of flowering and ripening of the crop, the introduction of phosphorus and potassium is required.
  • Once every three years, organic matter should be added in the form of manure. Foliar top dressing of plants with liquid mineral fertilizers gives a good result.

Cropping and shaping

Properly formed grape bush gf "Pretty Woman" in the fourth year of life has four fruit vines. To build strength, you should increase the number of fruit shoots to three per vine with a general increase in the number of vines.

Pruning of fruiting vines is performed for 6-8 eyes, but pruning for 4-6 eyes is allowed.

To get acquainted with the features of other hybrid forms of grape breeding Pavlovsky E.G. you can here.

Reviews of winegrowers

"Beauty" most often forms berries of the same shape and size. However, along with many hybrid forms, in some years instability and the formation of berries of various shapes with temporary shedding can be observed.

When cultivating this form of grapes, attention should be paid to protecting the crop from wasps. The taste of many winegrowers is rated as "vanilla nutmeg."

It is very important to carry out preventive spraying. Most gardeners and winegrowers recommend using fungicides such as "Ronilan", "Radomil", "Amistar", "Rovral", "Thanos", "Profit" or Sumylex, with which the bushes are processed three or four times per season.

Grape Care in Autumn

Despite the fact that the hybrid form "Pretty Woman" is quite new, the positive reviews of winegrowers prevail over negative remarks, which allows us to classify this grape as promising and successful enough for home growing in most regions of our country.

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