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Growing apricot and cherries (Moscow region)

Good evening. Tell me, I’ve gathered in a nursery tomorrow, I want to buy apricot and cherry. Does anyone have experience growing in the suburbs? Gardener without experience, and so I want to grow.


Try apricot northern triumph collega at work advised

Look good nursery nursery, there are a lot of apricots and cherries, there is even a hybrid of bird cherry with cherry (cherry brush and cherry berries)

Virgin bird cherry, I planted last year.

Was the crop?

Yes, here's what hangs. The branches turned red, but very small berries, she is only 2 years old, somewhere with a meter tall.

Two cherries and one cherry were planted that year. One was already there, but she did not have a pollinator nearby, so she sat idle for many years. So we bought a couple of pieces) and I gave my apricots to my sister for a wooden wedding, but they were crumbs, they grow slowly)

I recommend the Victoria's online store, I checked their quality material

This is a hybrid of bird cherry with cherries. If you plant it, then somewhere on the edge of the plot, the shoots give nemereno, tormented to cut down. There is no cherry taste, only size, but it knits like a bird cherry. The taste cannot be explained, but when fully ripe, it is tasty.

I read that there is a non-astringent variety, but I can’t remember the name.

When she is completely ripe, she does not knit, but there is some hint. We all love her, and the birds more than anyone.

That year I bought apricot Monastery. I didn’t see the berries but wintered over the winter