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Tomatoes Yablonka Russia

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Tomato Yablonka Russia, as if specially created for lazy gardeners or for summer residents who visit their site only on weekends. The thing is that this variety is very unpretentious, tomatoes can grow in almost any conditions, they do not need regular care, bushes do not need pinching and shaping, plants rarely get sick. But the harvest Yablonka gives excellent: from each bush you can get up to 100 tomatoes, all the fruits are medium-sized, round and even, as if created for conservation and pickling.

Description of the tomato Yablonka Russia, photos and characteristics of the fruits are given in this article. Here you can also find reviews of gardeners about the variety and recommendations for planting and caring for Yablonka tomatoes.

Description of the variety

The variety is considered early maturing, because tomatoes ripen within 120 days after the first shoots of seedlings appear. The bushes belong to the standard variety, the plants are determinant, but sometimes they reach a height of 200-230 cm. There are few shoots on tomatoes, they are not too spreading, the foliage is average.

Usually tomatoes of the Yablonka Russia variety reach a height of 100 cm, do not require pinching or pinching, and have a limited growth point. Tomato shoots are thick, powerful, outwardly they look like potato stalks.

Attention! Tomatoes Yablonka Russia can be grown both in the beds and under a film cover.

The characteristics of the Yablonka variety are as follows:

  • tomatoes are drought-resistant, do not need frequent and abundant watering;
  • bushes rarely get sick, as they are immune to almost all viral and bacterial infections;
  • fruits are round, medium-sized, bright red, have a thick peel, do not crack and are well transported;
  • the average weight of tomatoes is 100 grams, tomatoes have a strong aroma, pleasant sweet and sour taste;
  • the yield of the Yablonka Russia variety is high - from 50 to 100 tomatoes can be removed from each bush;
  • the fruiting of tomatoes is extended - tomatoes begin to ripen in early August and until the last days of September, you can enjoy fresh fruits;
  • The variety bears fruit best in warm climates or in greenhouse conditions, but Yablonka is also suitable for colder regions.

Important! Tomatoes of the Yablonka Russia variety are excellent for fresh consumption, whole-fruit canning, pickling, making salads and sauces, processing into juice or mashed potatoes.

A huge advantage of this domestic variety is its unpretentiousness: even with minimal efforts on the part of the gardener, the tomato will delight you with a stable harvest. But the tomato Yablonka simply has no shortcomings - it showed itself only from the best side.

How to grow an Apple tree of Russia

There are no special recommendations regarding planting, cultivation and care for the Yablonka Russia variety - these tomatoes are grown in the same way as any others. The gardener simply needs to grow or acquire strong seedlings, plant them in the beds or in the greenhouse and periodically check the condition of the bushes.

Growing seedlings

The Yablonka tomato variety belongs to the early ones, but, like other tomatoes, in the middle lane it is recommended to grow it through seedlings. Seeds should be purchased in good stores or from trusted suppliers; it is quite possible to collect planting material yourself from the previous harvest.

Sowing Apple tree seeds for seedlings should be in early March. Before planting, the seeds are recommended to be kept in a slightly pink solution of manganese or treated with Ecosil, previously diluted with water.

The soil for planting tomato seeds is fertile. Special purchased soil for tomato seedlings is suitable. In order for the tomatoes to better transfer the transplant to a permanent place, experienced gardeners advise taking soil for seedlings from the garden and mixing it with humus, superphosphate, peat and ash.

After planting the seeds, the containers with the seedlings are covered with foil and placed in a warm place, away from sunlight. When the first shoots appear (3-5 days), the film is removed and the container with seeds is placed on the windowsill, or on a table lit by the sun. The room temperature should be comfortable - 20-24 degrees. As the soil dries, tomato seedlings are watered using sprinklers.

When a pair of real leaves grow on the tomatoes, they dive. Tomatoes must be dived to stimulate the root system to grow not only in length, but also in width. This significantly increases the chances of tomatoes quickly and painlessly adapting to a new place.

Diving tomatoes Apple tree consists in transferring each plant to a separate glass. Before transplanting, the soil is thoroughly moistened, the tomatoes are removed very carefully so as not to damage the roots and fragile stem.

Advice! If there is little spring sun in the region, the tomato seedlings should be artificially illuminated. Daylight hours for tomatoes should be at least ten hours.

10-14 days before the upcoming transplantation into the ground, the Yablonka tomatoes of Russia begin to harden. To do this, first open the window, then gradually take the tomato seedlings out into the street or onto the balcony. The procedure time is increased gradually, eventually leaving the tomatoes to spend the night outside (if the temperature does not drop below +5 degrees).

Planting tomatoes

Apple trees are transferred to the ground or to the greenhouse at the age of two months. By this time, 6-8 true leaves should appear on the tomatoes, the presence of flower brushes is permissible.

Usually, early ripening tomatoes are planted on garden beds in mid-May. By this time, the threat of return frosts should have passed, so the exact time of planting depends on the climate in a particular region.

The place for the Yablonka of Russia variety should be chosen sunny, protected from strong winds and drafts. The bushes grow quite tall, there are a lot of fruits on them, so the shoots can easily break off from the wind.

Important! You cannot plant the Yablonka variety in the place where the nightshade crops used to grow: tomatoes, potatoes, physalis, eggplants. The fact is that the variety is susceptible to late blight disease, and its pathogens often remain in the soil after growing crops of the Solanaceae family.

The best place for planting tomato seedlings is the beds where pumpkins, root crops (carrots, beets) or onions and legumes grew last year.

First of all, it is necessary to make holes for tomato seedlings. It is recommended to plant the apple tree of Russia at a distance of 50-70 cm between the bushes. If the plantings are more thickened, the tomatoes will turn out to be small and not so tasty, the yield of tomatoes will decrease.

First, a handful of rotted manure is poured into each hole, the fertilizer is covered with a layer of earth. Only after that, the tomato is transferred along with an earthen clod on the roots. The soil around the tomato is compacted with your hands, the seedlings are watered with warm water.

Advice! Immediately after planting, it is recommended to cover the seedlings of tomatoes Yablonka Russia with a film, this is especially true in the northern regions. The shelter is removed gradually.

How to care

As mentioned above, the variety does not need complex care. But the gardener, nevertheless, must perform some mandatory actions.

For a good harvest, you must:

  1. Feed the tomatoes 10-12 days after planting the seedlings. As a fertilizer for the first feeding, it is best to use a mullein diluted with water or weed tincture. Fertilizer is poured under the root, trying not to stain the leaves and stem of the tomatoes.
  2. Every two weeks, wood ash is scattered around the tomatoes.
  3. To reduce moisture evaporation, mulch is used. The soil around the Yablonka Russia tomatoes is sprinkled with straw, dry grass, sawdust or humus. It will also reduce the risk of plant rot infestation.
  4. When tomatoes enter the phase of active growth (the height of the bushes begins to increase rapidly), they are tied up with hemp rope or strips of soft tissue.
  5. Of all the diseases for Yablonka Russia, the most dangerous is late blight. To prevent tomato infestation, the greenhouse must be regularly ventilated, do not get carried away with watering, and constantly loosen the soil. Both in the open field and in the greenhouse, it is better to use prophylactic agents for late blight.
  6. These tomatoes do not need frequent watering. If there is no precipitation for a long time, the soil is moistened with warm water. After a couple of days, the soil is loosened or mulch is used.

It is necessary to harvest in a timely manner in order to prevent rotting of fruits on the bushes. These tomatoes ripen well in indoor conditions, so they can also be picked green (for example, when the cold has suddenly come).

Reviews about tomatoes Yablonka Russia

Stepanova I.G., Barnaul

From my own experience I know that Yablonka of Russia is often confused with the Tamina variety. There are even seeds on sale, with the second name “Apple tree of Russia (Tamina)” written in brackets on the packet. In fact, it turns out that these are two different varieties of tomatoes. Yablonka has large, dark green, potato-type leaves. Fruits are tied in bunches of 5-8 pieces. All tomatoes are about the same size: no too large, and no trifles either. The pulp is fleshy, the tomato is two-chamber, there are not very many seeds. The taste of tomatoes is excellent, pronounced "tomato", the smell is also strong, pleasant.

Sergienko A., Irkutsk

We use the crop to preserve whole fruits. The bushes almost never get sick, they stand green until the very frosts, there are a lot of fruits on them. Yablonka has only one drawback, which we managed to identify - the seeds of this tomato have poor germination. It happened more than once that less than half of all purchased or collected seeds sprouted. Therefore, I recommend stocking up on seeds for future use and sowing more of them.


The variety of tomatoes Yablonka of Russia is simply created for growing in domestic gardens and dachas. These tomatoes are planted both in the ground and in the greenhouse - everywhere they give a consistently high yield. At the same time, there is practically no need to care for the plantings - the tomato grows by itself. The fruits are even, beautiful (as evidenced by the photo) and very tasty.

If the gardener grows seedlings on his own, it is better to sow more seeds, since they have poor germination in this variety.

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