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How to plant and tie peas

How to plant and tie peas

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Gardeners, who and how plants peas, how do you tie them up? thanks


I plant with dry seeds in the first days of May (M.O.), I don’t tie them up, but stick sticks from a forest one and a half meters high, he clings to them and does not fall.

I plant a bush of 55-70 cm, do not tie up soak, select a bright place for planting, water often. If tall then sit near the fence (net). You also need to pinch the peas, then the side shoots will go on which the peas will go.

Planted where the corn grows, in a circle where the pumpkin

Similarly 🙂 planted it in corn and pumpkin there too 🙂

I think somewhere else to plant it) where the potatoes are planted goats run.

I still grew in sunflowers

Friends, can you plant sunflower, peas and pumpkin with corn in Samara?

Neighbors are not traveling, they don’t make a fence, my father did it for them in one section and then they pile up the waste there and sorry, but where they also don’t want to do the potato plot, and we have only a path between them and us, I b everything pressed) mine are also reluctant to do.

Different neighbors are unfortunately. From such it is necessary to be fenced with a galvanized fence

They will sell this land, maybe the new neighbors will be smarter) hardly anyone would want to see all-consuming animals on their land)

Whose goats? to fix the damage and to the district application, especially do not decide, but the blood will turn

Oh, this is a separate topic, these goats from the next street, our plot ends on the opposite side of the house, so this goat mistress came with a pretension to her father, saying that you can’t close the fence, my goats climb the plot, and my father said that go to the neighbors whose fence , he was tortured to do it for them and that he wouldn’t do it anymore, in general, they were all arrogant, as a result, I don’t know who patched the fence, it’s been enough for a year 🙂

Goats eat? 🙂

I don’t know, our grandmother didn’t keep it, only neighbors, but I think they eat when they stop giving milk, and they leave the kids from their mother) they are so beautiful) their ears hang, they are fervent, they run, they graze with their mother)

I wanted to make fun of it. A goat came into the garden and left her horns and legs. But seriously, this is a problem. It’s necessary to at least tighten the netting

My husband and father’s hands will not reach, they have to build a greenhouse and a fence in front of the house, and where they will finish the potatoes), and it’s unlikely to be 10 hundred meters long)

A kid must take a picture with his mother and lay out) handsome)

Internet picture

Laughing out loud

. And preferably three meters high

Here are a lot of garter and support options


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