Tomato Love F1: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Love F1: characteristics and description of the variety

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Tomato Love F1 - early maturing high-yielding determinant hybrid. Pantchev Yu. I. bred it and registered it in 2006. Recommended growing conditions are open ground in the south of Russia and greenhouses in the middle lane.

Description of the variety

The bush in the greenhouse can stretch up to 1.3 m in height, but in the open field - no more than 1 m. Initially, the seedlings are pulled up, forming numerous stepchildren from the leaf axils. Recommended shaping for variety Love F1: leave only 1 stepson up to 7 leaves, pinching off all the others. The first brush with flowers also emerges from the 7-9 sinuses. In total, up to 5-6 brushes are tied on a bush.

The stems of the tomato Lyubov are strong and firm, pubescent. Leaves of medium size, dissected, dark green. Small white flowers. Brushes appear through 1-2 sinuses, each with 5-6 fruits tied. The first harvest under favorable conditions can be obtained in 90 days.

Description of fruits

Red or dark-crimson fruits of Lyubov tomatoes have a rounded slightly flattened shape and average weight of 200-230 g. The advantage of this variety is its resistance to fruit cracking. The commercial qualities of the tomato Lyubov F1 are high, the appearance of the crop is attractive. The fruits are fleshy, the pulp is homogeneous sweet and sour. All fruits differ little from each other, which is usually referred to as merits. You can store fresh tomatoes in a cool dry place for up to 1 month, they tolerate transportation well. Due to its size, the Love F1 variety is mainly consumed fresh or processed into juices and pasta.

Varietal characteristics

Up to 6 kg can be removed from the bush, and at the recommended planting density from 1 m2 beds receive up to 20 kg of tomatoes. According to reviews of the tomato variety Love F1, the yield depends on the fertility of the soil and the regularity of watering, but not on the growing conditions in a greenhouse or open field.

Like other tomato varieties, Love F1 is affected by the Colorado potato beetle. Especially if there are potato plantings nearby. In relation to common diseases, Love F1 is resistant to verticillosis and fusarium.

Advice! Against insects, drugs "Actellik", "Karate", "Fitoverm" are used. Fungicides "Strobi", "Quadris" have proven themselves well against diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the tomato variety Love F1 are considered to be:

  • universal purpose;
  • early ripening;
  • high productivity;
  • resistance to verticillium and fusarium;
  • resistance to cracking;
  • keeping quality;
  • attractive presentation of fruits;
  • pleasant taste.

There are also disadvantages:

  • it is necessary to tie up the bushes;
  • needs nutritious soil and regular watering.

Planting and care rules

If desired and depending on the growing conditions, it is possible to prefer sowing seeds in open ground or the seedling method. They have no advantages over each other, with the exception of the approach of the timing of the first harvest.

Growing seedlings

Tomato variety Love F1 is sensitive to soil nutrient content. In the fall, rotted manure is necessarily brought into the beds, and for seedlings they acquire universal soil. If further transplantation to the beds is planned, then the end of March is chosen for sowing. If a transplant into a greenhouse is required, then they sow earlier - in the first ten days of March.

Tomato seeds of the variety Love F1 are sealed to a depth of 2 cm in a common container. Seedlings appear at temperatures from + 18 ° С for 4-5 days. In order not to moisten the soil every day, it is covered with cling film or glass, thereby creating a slight greenhouse effect. As soon as 2 true leaves appear on the plants, you can dive into individual cups. After a couple of days, you can feed the variety.

Advice! The preparation Agricola is ideal for this purpose.

Before planting in a greenhouse or on a garden bed, watering tomatoes is carried out as the soil dries in cups. Hardening is the recommended procedure, which begins a week before the expected transplant date. Seedlings of this variety are taken outside in the afternoon for 2 hours, leaving in a shaded place.

Transplanting seedlings

An adult is considered to be a tomato seedling of the Love F1 variety at the age of 60 days. By this time, with sufficient nutrition, the first buds may already appear on the bushes. The quality is evidenced by the dark color of the foliage, the short distances between the sinuses. With sufficient lighting, this is exactly how the tomato seedlings grow Lyubov F1. If the lighting is too poor, then the plants stretch out, become pale. It will be harder for them to take root in the fresh air.

The crown of a tomato of the Love F1 variety is not pinched, controlling only the absence of stepchildren. Only 1 stepson is left, since the plant does not have enough strength for a larger number of branches. This technique is especially recommended for greenhouses, and in the garden you can do without stepchildren at all, which will have a positive effect on the size of the crop.

When transplanting to a new place, they immediately take care of the supports. Trellises are ideal, as well as wire stretched over the posts at the ends of the beds. In greenhouses, vertical twine tying to stationary slats is practiced.

The recommended scheme for planting a tomato variety Love F1 - in a checkerboard pattern, leaving 70 cm between rows and 40 cm between individual plants in a row. The direction of the beds, which are usually formed from 2 rows, is from east to west for the best illumination.

Follow-up care

Tomato variety Love F1 is sensitive to soil acidity. The optimum pH level is 6.0-6.8. If the indicator is lower, then a small amount of lime is added to the soil. Of the mineral dressings, those that contain potassium, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus are best suited. The first time fertilization is applied 2 weeks after transplanting, giving the plants time to adapt.

You can not buy top dressing by using wood ash. It is diluted in the proportion: 1 glass to 10 liters of water. An alternative is potassium sulfate. This fertilizer is difficult to dissolve in water. It is usually brought in when digging up the beds in spring or autumn. With each watering, the substance in small doses will go to the roots of tomatoes Love F1.

The beds must be kept clean by regularly removing weeds. If possible, a layer of sawdust and straw mulch is poured under the bushes. This helps prevent the soil from drying out too quickly and prevents weeds from overgrowing. Usually 2 waterings per week are sufficient. The water should be warmed up to + 20 ° С, separated. It is a mistake to believe that a lot of watering is only beneficial. If the ground part is ahead of the root in growth, then there will be no large ovaries on such a plant.

Advice! Good neighbors for beds with tomatoes of the Love F1 variety are coriander and basil. Spicy herbs actively attract bees, and also repel many pests.

The garter to the supports is carried out after the formation of each hand, since at these points the stem has the greatest load. For fixation, use a twine, not trying to tie it too tightly, so as not to damage the stem. If the ovaries begin to crumble, then they are treated with a solution of boric acid. 1 g of the substance is dissolved in 1 l of water. This composition is used for spraying. Reviews and photos of tomatoes Love F1 indicate that a single procedure is usually enough.

After the formation of all the ovaries, organic matter is not added. This will only lead to excessive and completely useless overgrowth of foliage to the detriment of the fruit. Instead, use the following simple recipe. Dilute 2 liters of wood ash in 15 liters of water, add 10 ml of iodine and 10 g of boric acid. Insist the mixture for a day, dilute with clean water in a tenfold proportion and add 1 liter for each tomato plant of the Love F1 variety. As soon as the first brush with fruits is finally formed, all the leaves under it are removed. The procedure is carried out in the morning, so that by the evening all the damage has dried up.

Harvesting can be carried out at the stage of technical ripeness, when the tomatoes acquire a uniform red color. Earlier cleaning is also quite acceptable. This is especially true for regions with short cloudy summers. Green tomatoes of the Lyubov F1 variety are perfectly ripened in a warm room in the light for a month, without showing a tendency to spoilage, if the humidity is maintained at no more than 60%. For longer storage of the variety, the temperature regime is selected in the range from +4 ° C to + 14 ° C.


Tomato Love F1 is a good choice for gardeners looking for early tomatoes with attractive commercial qualities. Beautiful, dense fruits are suitable for salads and juices. The small labor costs are more than compensated by the guaranteed tomato harvest.

Reviews of the tomato variety Love

Pavel Kasimov, 45 years old, Oryol

I don't consider myself a beginner in growing tomatoes. I understand both early and late varieties. Not so long ago I tried, on the recommendation, to plant a hybrid variety Love F1 in a greenhouse. I was not disappointed. I note that the variety has a valuable advantage with an ordinary taste. As promised on the seed package - the tomatoes turned out to be one to one. The spread in size is minimal. The variety for sale is what you need. It looks beautiful on the counter and attracts the eye of the buyer, I recommend it.

Inna Sokolskaya, 53 years old, Serpukhov

For greenhouse planting, I advise the tomato variety Love F1. The good thing is that it ripens early, and the tomatoes are one to one, even, without cracks, wonderfully stored and transported, do not wrinkle. For myself, I use the variety in salads, I get juice, and more for sale. There are also more productive varieties, but more labor will have to be invested. Here, a couple of times to make top dressing, watering, tying up, that's all. I advise my friends and I myself buy these seeds every year.

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