Eggplant five for the winter

Eggplant five for the winter

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Eggplant is a seasonal vegetable with unusual taste and health benefits. It strengthens the heart and blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. To be able to enjoy delicious snacks throughout the year, the fruit is preserved in various ways. One of the most popular preparation methods is Pyaterochka salad for the winter with eggplants. It will not be difficult to prepare this delicious dish if there are several products in the house and a couple of hours of free time.

The subtleties of cooking salad Pyaterochka

The recipe for eggplant for the winter Pyaterochka is named so because all the ingredients in it come in 5 pieces. Like all other preparations, the salad has its own secrets of proper preparation:

  1. All vegetables should be ripe and fresh, without stains and rot, mold.
  2. It is advisable to remove the hard skin from eggplants and tomatoes. For this, tomatoes should be doused with boiling water or dipped in it for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Sliced ​​eggplants must be abundantly salted or immersed in salt water for 20 minutes. This will remove the extra bitterness from them.

Advice! To prevent onion essential oils from corroding the eyes, the knife must be held in ice water and the vegetable must be washed under a cold stream.

The taste of the preparation for the winter depends on the quality of the raw materials.

Salad recipes Five of eggplant for the winter

The recipe "5 eggplants, 5 peppers, 5 tomatoes" is well-known among Russian housewives and enjoys constant success. To achieve the ideal taste, other vegetables and spices are added to the main set of products, while observing the proportions of preservatives - vinegar and oil. You can take one of the basic recipes as a basis, slightly altering it to your liking, because each housewife prepares this salad in her own way.

With eggplant and carrots

This recipe makes an excellent salad for the winter, hearty and healthy.

Ingredients (take fruits in 5 pieces of medium size):

  • eggplant;
  • tomatoes;
  • sweet pepper;
  • carrot;
  • yellow turnip;
  • salt - 55 g;
  • sugar - 110 g;
  • vinegar - 75 ml;
  • oil - 190 ml.

How to cook:

  1. Peel, wash, cut all vegetables into small pieces.
  2. Pour oil into a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on fire.
  3. Pour in prepared tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, eggplants.
  4. Add salt, add the remaining ingredients, mix well.
  5. Simmer for another quarter of an hour, arrange in prepared containers, immediately seal tightly.

Turn the cans over, wrap them in a warm blanket or fur coat for a day.

Advice! It is better to take refined oil in the salad, odorless - then the taste of the dish will be natural.

Salad jars must be sterilized in advance within 20 minutes, boil lids 10

With eggplant and garlic

Garlic and pepper add a spicy pungency to the salad.

Required products:

  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant;
  • Sweet pepper;
  • onion;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • chili pepper - 1 pod;
  • vinegar - 65 ml;
  • sugar - 90 g;
  • oil - 180 ml;
  • salt - 45 g.

Preparation method:

  1. Peel all vegetables, rinse, chop as convenient, the garlic can be passed through a crusher.
  2. Pour oil into a bowl with a thick bottom, heat it, add eggplant, pepper, onion.
  3. Once lightly browned, add all the other ingredients and simmer for another 15-20 minutes over low heat.
  4. Lay out in glass containers, immediately roll up tightly.

Spicy Pyaterochka is perfect for meat, potatoes, will be combined with pasta

With eggplant and zucchini

Eggplant Pyaterochka salad recipes for the winter also allow the presence of such a healthy vegetable as zucchini in them.

You need to prepare:

  • eggplant;
  • zucchini;
  • carrot;
  • sweet pepper;
  • tomatoes - 0.85 kg;
  • vinegar - 75 ml;
  • oil - 165 ml;
  • garlic - 2-3 heads;
  • sugar - 115 g;
  • salt - 40 g.

Cooking steps:

  1. Peel the vegetables, rinse well, cut into small cubes, strips.
  2. Pour oil and vinegar into a saucepan, add salt and sugar, boil, cook for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add all the vegetables, simmer over low heat for 35-45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Arrange in prepared containers, roll up.

It is good to wrap Pyaterochka in a blanket overnight, then put it in storage for the winter.

"Pyaterochka" salad for the winter is an excellent addition to the everyday table

Terms and methods of storage

The pyaterochka eggplants, made in full accordance with the technology, are perfectly preserved even at room temperature. Keep them away from sunlight and heating sources, in the coolest part of the house or apartment. A cellar or cabinets in a heated loggia are ideal. Storage times depend on temperature conditions:

  • at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees - throughout the year;
  • at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees - 6 months.

Pyaterochka for the winter, closed with nylon lids, is stored only in a cool place for no more than 3 months. An open dish should be placed in the refrigerator and eaten within 3-5 days.


Pyaterochka salad for the winter with eggplants turns out to be amazingly tasty. In the presence of the necessary products, its preparation does not take much time, does not require special skills. If all the proportions and cooking rules are followed, then Pyaterochka is perfectly preserved until the next harvest.

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