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Sweet cherry

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Cherry "Narodnaya" was bred in Belarus by the breeder Syubarova E.P.

Description and characteristics

Description of the sweet cherry "Narodnaya" testifies to the unpretentiousness of this variety, it takes root even in the middle and central regions of our country. The culture grows well and bears fruit even in the Moscow region.

The tree is quite tall, powerful, branched. Branches withstand strong winds, do not break off under heavy snow cover.

Saplings take root even on infertile soils. They can be grown on loamy, sandy loam soils.

The size of the fruit is medium, the color is deep dark red with a shiny sheen.

Attention! The stone is well separated from the pulp, small. The taste is excellent: the berries are sweet and juicy.

A complete description of the “folk” cherry by Syubarova testifies to the mid-maturity of the fruit.

Drought resistance and winter hardiness

Strong frosts are not a hindrance to this plant. The thick bark of the tree reliably protects it from winter frosts. The fruit also perfectly withstands intense heat without cracking.

Pollination, flowering, ripening

Sweet cherry "Narodnaya" by Syubarova belongs to self-fertile varieties, the plant does not need pollination. The culture blooms at the end of May. The fruits ripen in the second half of July.

Attention! Fruiting begins in the third - fourth year after planting the seedling.

Productivity, fruiting

The variety "Narodnaya" will not please with an abundance of harvest. During the season, it is possible to collect no more than 50 kilograms of delicious berries. But on the other hand, the percentage of ripening of berries is 90%.

Disease and pest resistance

The advantage of the Narodnaya cherry variety is its high resistance to various kinds of pests and diseases (including coccomycosis).

Advantages and disadvantages

The main virtues of culture include:

  1. Drought resistance and frost resistance.
  2. Unpretentiousness to soil and weather conditions.
  3. Disease and pest resistance.

The disadvantages include only a relatively small crop yield.


Cherry "Narodnaya" is an excellent option for growing in mid-latitudes. Even after severe frosts, the plant will delight you with a harvest of delicious sweet berries.


Reviews of the Narodnaya cherry are only positive.

Morozov Vladislav, Old Kupava

On the recommendation of friends, I planted a culture of the "Narodnaya" variety on the site. The result pleased both me and my loved ones. Even after severe winter frosts, the tree delighted us with a bountiful harvest of sweet berries. The loamy soil did not become a hindrance either. The seedling took root well and bore fruit well in its fourth year.

Denisenko Maria, Vladimir region

I planted a Narodnaya sapling on the site. I was worried that the tree would not withstand the winter frosts, but my fears were in vain. For 7 years, children and grandchildren have been enjoying juicy and tasty fruits with pleasure.

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