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How to care for strawberries

How to care for strawberries

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I have 2 years in the garden strawberry does not give berries. Transplanted good bushes to another place. How to care, etc.? thanks


And what size are the leaves and bush? What colour ?

Oh, I have such a disaster too. The bushes are huge, the third year has gone, each palm leaves, and the reptile does not even bloom. Sits on the edge of the garden from the festival, I feed everyone equally. But this one does not bloom in any way (about berries, and so it is clear). It’s also interesting what she needs

So a man! ”)))

I cut half the leaves

Don't you have to transplant it, update it ?!

There are strawberry bushes with large leaves, a lot of mustaches. Beautiful. And no ovaries. Most likely you have a seedling from such bushes.

There will be no sense

In the third year after the berries and clean. And so every year I try to leave 8-10 bushes for breeding. Total stable updated strawberries.

But does strawberry have a male bush? The first time I hear ... And in harmony with strawberries, I’ve been since childhood))

We feed with gum) grows and rejoices

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