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Is moth flying around the garden harmful?

Is moth flying around the garden harmful?

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Yesterday we fought aphids on viburnum, plums, and around the garden whole hordes of white moths fly, no stripes, small. Who is it and what harm is it from her?


Everyone has this moth, it seems throughout the European part of Russia. All guesses only. Just in case, I processed everything from the scoop.

And what folk remedies do they help? I have this moth in strawberries. Strawberry is already ripening, eat slowly.

And then what did you fight, because ovate around?

I have cabbage, radish in the lawn. I sprayed the Nafik with chemistry (except for the radish). And today I’ll get the whole radish out.

We already had this moth flying off already now caterpillars everywhere and found in cabbage yesterday and in decorative too.

They wrote so much about ammonia and vinegar, and who ever tried to use it in business? Yesterday, Julia watched the video how to spray trees and bushes with soda ash and soap. But it turns out that all this is nonsense?

Why bullshit? have you tried and failed?

I only found some kind of cobweb on Sunday, I wanted to spray with ammonia next weekend, but from your messages I conclude that only chemistry will help, no one writes: here I processed soda and defeated everyone!

Here this year this muck is teeming! I think I’m working from the scoop on the weekend.

Yes, we are just the old fashioned way) I’ll also have to poison it) I’m kind of incredulous with soda. But I’ll definitely try the next time with ammonia)

Gardeners, do not put off until later if you have the opportunity to do it now! In less than 4 days I was left without foliage on a viburnum - only the skeleton and dried twisted leaves. I also waited for the apple tree to blossom. And then I got the result - 8 trees from a horror movie! Pity your trees

Friends, ammonia helps well from many pests, those that are in the ground are working, but it didn’t help me from the caterpillar. This year I use chemistry, although before that I did not know what it is.

Well, it’s aphid on a viburnum, but this one flies, sits down, it seems it’s not eating anything, but what is it and what does it eat with and what are the consequences. A leprosy. Soda, it was always believed that it was from powdery mildew, fungal diseases, well, soap, for sticking, and now we advise against pests, maybe as a preventative measure?

I sin on a warm, little snowy winter, here in St. Petersburg, we have such anamaria, almost all winter mushrooms, and now they find good mushrooms. Here are a lot of pests. Well, what to do with moth, sits on garlic, onions, flowers, grass ,.

I discovered this muck in my garden. He flies especially over cabbage. I went through the Internet - it looks like a cabbage moth. Lays eggs both on the bottom and top of the leaf, the caterpillars hatch after 2-3 days, first gnaw the leaves, and then the ovary ovary. So you can stay completely without a crop. Processing tips are on the Internet. See drugs by region. In Ukraine and in Russia there are different manufacturers and suppliers.

Tanya, we have the same thing, you go out into the garden, whatever you hurt, hordes take off, sit everywhere, give no preference to anything. Equally much on cabbage, and on carrots, and on pepper with tomatoes, and on flowers. Small, white, long, narrow. I looked in the internet, this is not a scoop, those are wide, and not a cabbage moth, that is also not white. In short, what kind of rubbish I have not found. How to fight? Probably some insecticides. But I wonder what are the consequences of it? Today I saw many, sitting on the ground, not only on the heaps. So I thought, and suddenly they lay their eggs, like an onion or carrot fly, on the ground. What then? Dear gardeners, what will we do?

I’m their Kharkov, we have a lot of them, I have a long little white, narrow. I was watching on the internet now. No, it’s not like cabbage moth. That with dark stripes glasses, all, but not white. Today I looked at cabbage. I haven’t found eggs yet.

So I was in shock, I recently read in a group, and yesterday I discovered at my place, if anyone knew, they were spraying from the scoop, but it wasn’t her.

How can we reach Julia? maybe someone on the wall will ask a question on behalf of the gardeners of Russia and Ukraine for this mole. I understand that she is everywhere. Maybe Julia knows what it is and how to fight. I do not know how to throw on the wall.

Lena, yes, the one that I found is white. Tomorrow I’ll try to phone the sensible consultant from the agro store in our city, if something tells me, I’ll unsubscribe

Maybe a whitefly?

No, whiteflies are many times smaller.

50ml of ammonia water and 5l liquid soap, sprayed cherries 5 days ago, helped. But I only sprayed the currant yesterday, I will see after 3 days.

Good evening. In my garden, too, a lot of such insects fly just horror. Every morning I go out to the garden and look at my little spreads; have anyone eaten them?

Friends just watched the video, there they make a hunting belt from a bandage soaked in birch tar, if you spray it with tar soap + tar from a bubble, let's try

I saved ammonia from aphids with ammonia, 6 branches were all black already, 6 quickly helped

I also have this mole white.

If you find out something, let's write here, everyone is worried and do not know what to do. Thanks in advance.

Lovely gardeners! Regarding the unidentified moth - this is what I was advised: preparations - actar + match; жngio + match or just one proteus preparation. These are not folk methods, but they have not so much toxicity compared to the rest of the chemistry, and they affect all types of butterflies, moths and aphids, the spectrum is quite wide. Try to try so, just wait until our rains end.

Thank you, but there is none of the above, I can’t get into the city yet, I'm sitting with my grandson. I tried to take a picture of them, ran for a long time, that's what happened.

I tar all black currant spilled almost every leaf. Came and gasped aphids became even more.


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