Blueberry Patriot

Blueberry Patriot

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Blueberry Patriot is one of the most common varieties of berry crops, which is appreciated by gardeners for its high yield, unpretentiousness, resistance to low temperatures, as well as for the attractive appearance and taste of the fruit.

Breeding history

The Patriot blueberry variety was developed in the United States of America, namely Maryland in 1976, based on the Erliblu, Dixie and Michigan LB varieties.

Initially, the Patriot was bred as an ornamental shrub used for landscaping and beautification of areas, and only then they began to collect and use berries for food.

Description of berry culture

Blueberries have long been considered a wild plant that grows near swamps. But more and more often it can be found in the gardens of both our compatriots and abroad. The Patriot variety is distinguished, first of all, by its high resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions and most diseases, as well as its attractive appearance. A photo of Patriot blueberry is presented below.

General understanding of the variety

Description of the Patriot blueberry variety should start with the parameters of the plant. The shrub is quite tall, it can reach 170-180 cm in height. Shoots are erect, do not differ in branching. The leaves are elongated, young ones have a reddish tint, more mature ones - rich green, closer to dark.

White blueberry flowers have an unusual shape, resembling a dome or cylinder with a double edge.


The description of the patriot garden blueberry variety also includes the characteristics of the fruit. The berries are light blue in color, slightly flattened at the top and bottom, collected in dense clusters, and have a pronounced bloom. Their diameter varies from 1.5 cm to 2 cm. Berries can be stored on branches for up to 10-12 days.

The color of the fruits changes as they ripen: from green, turning into red, and then into a deep blue. The pulp is firm, juicy and with a greenish tint.


The characteristic of the Patriot blueberry variety, like most other fruit crops, includes the plant's resistance to low temperatures, lack of moisture, diseases and pests, as well as the timing of flowering and ripening of fruits.

Main advantages

Blueberry Patriot belongs to varieties with high resistance to low temperatures and moderate drought. According to numerous reports, the shrub is able to withstand frosts down to -30 - 35 ° C and short periods without precipitation.

Berries demonstrate high keeping quality and transportability. The fruits retain their original appearance and do not lose their taste for 10-14 days, provided that all storage standards are observed.

Blueberry varieties are often compared to each other. But, for example, it is impossible to say which blueberry is better: Patriot or Bluecrop. Both of these varieties are similar to each other, the only difference is the greater height of the bush and the higher yields of the Bluerop variety.

Flowering period and ripening time

Blueberry bloom is a fairly lengthy process, starting in mid-May and ending in early July. Accordingly, blueberry fruits begin to ripen in mid-July.

Despite the fact that this variety is a self-pollinated crop, it is still recommended to plant other shrubs nearby for pollination. This will increase the yield of the plant several times. Pollinators for Patriot blueberries should be selected so that the varieties have the same flowering periods.

Yield indicators, fruiting dates

One of the main advantages of the shrub is its high yield, reviews of the patriot blueberry are a clear confirmation of this. Up to 8-9 kg of berries can be harvested from one shrub.

Important! It is undesirable for all blueberry varieties to bear fruit in the first year after planting. Therefore, it is recommended to cut off all flowers during the flowering period to prevent berry formation.

Scope of berries

The tall Patriot blueberry is used in a variety of ways. Berries can be eaten fresh, frozen, canned, used for making jams, jams, syrups, and so on.

Disease and pest resistance

Blueberry Patriot is characterized by strong immunity to diseases and pests, especially late blight and root rot. However, it is still recommended to sometimes process shrubs for disease prevention.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Summarizing all of the above, the main advantages include:

  • high drought and frost resistance;
  • safety of berries during transportation;
  • high keeping quality;
  • immunity to many diseases;
  • high productivity;
  • taste of fruits;
  • decorativeness of the shrub.

There are only two disadvantages of the Patriot variety:

  • exactingness to soils;
  • shrinking fruits by the end of the fruiting period.

That is why Patriot is one of the best varieties of berry crops, thanks to which it has become widespread throughout the world.

Blueberry propagation

There are three main ways to breed blueberries:

  1. Seeds are a long and laborious process, most often used to obtain new varieties.
  2. Cuttings are the most favorable option, cuttings are harvested in the fall.
  3. Layers - gives little high-quality planting material, but there are no difficulties with rooting of the resulting plants.

Advice! For the first blueberry propagation experiment, the cuttings method is ideal.

Landing rules

Planting and caring for Patriot blueberries does not cause any difficulties at all. The main thing is to take into account the requirements of the plant and try to maintain optimal environmental conditions.

Recommended timing

Planting Patriot blueberries in spring will avoid the death of a young seedling due to severe frosts. However, for southern regions with warm winters, autumn is also suitable for planting blueberries.

Choosing the right place

The shrub site should be lit, but at the same time protected from strong and gusty winds. Planting Patriot blueberries should be carried out in acidic soils, preferably loamy or sandy loamy soils.

Soil preparation

About 7-9 days before the intended planting of the seedling, you need to dig a hole with a diameter and width of 60-65 cm and mix the soil with sand, crushed bark or sawdust. If the soil has an alkaline reaction, you should additionally add mineral fertilizers that increase the acidity of the soil.

Selection and preparation of seedlings

Reading reviews about garden blueberry Patriot, you can often stumble upon information that the right choice of a seedling is the key to successful growth and development of a shrub. Therefore, when buying planting material, attention should be paid to the integrity of the root system and shoots, as well as the absence of any signs of disease.

Algorithm and scheme of landing

Planting Patriot blueberries is carried out in several stages:

  1. Digging a hole and preparing the substrate.
  2. Installing the stake in the center of the pit.
  3. Planting a seedling, straightening the root system and tying the trunk to the stake.
  4. Falling asleep and tamping the earth.
  5. Watering the soil and mulching with bark or needles.

Advice! When planting several seedlings at the same time, it is important to maintain a distance between them of at least 1 meter.

Follow-up care of the culture

As mentioned earlier, growing and caring for Patriot blueberries can be done even by novice gardeners. It is only important to observe the regime of watering and feeding the shrubs, as well as timely carry out the formation of the crown and prepare the plant for the coming winter.

Necessary activities

Watering is carried out twice a week with 10 liters of water (5 liters in the morning and 5 liters in the evening). You can also install a drip irrigation system. It is always worth focusing on the weather conditions and the degree of soil moisture.

The feeding of Patriot blueberries is carried out three times in one season with an interval of 12-14 days. The first fertilization occurs in early spring and the last in early July. The optimal fertilizers are nitrogen-containing components.

Shrub pruning

This variety is characterized by a tendency to thicken the crown, therefore, starting from the 4th year of the life of the shrub, it is necessary to regularly prune the plant. After the procedure, the strongest shoots should remain that do not interfere with each other.

The photo of the Patriot blueberry bush shows one of the options for the formation of a bush.

Preparing for winter

Planting and caring for Patriot garden blueberries also includes activities aimed at preparing the plant for the onset of cold weather. It is recommended to cover the lower part of the shrub and the ground with spruce branches. This will prevent the shoots from freezing and damaging them by rodents.

Collection, processing, storage of crops

Garden blueberry Patriot begins to ripen at the beginning of July. The fruits are harvested in several stages due to their uneven ripening. In a tightly closed container at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius, berries can be stored for about 2 weeks.

The fruits can be consumed both fresh and processed into compotes, jam, candied fruits, or added to confectionery.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention

Proper care of Patriot blueberries will help to avoid shrub disease and pest infestation. The main methods of control and prevention are presented in the tables.


Ways to fight

Gray rot

Treatment of the plant with Bordeaux liquid. Burning affected leaves.

White spot

Regular mulching of the soil, spraying the bush with complex preparations.


Prevention and control method


Setting up a mesh around the bush


Insecticide treatment.


Blueberry Patriot is one of the universal varieties, the fruits of which have excellent taste. The plant is easy to care for, resistant to frost and dry periods.


Lutsenko Vera Vyacheslavovna, 52 years old, Ryazan

I read numerous positive reviews about the tall blueberry Patriot and thanks to them I decided to plant my favorite berry culture on my site. The tree feels great, unpretentious, and what a harvest! I recommend!

Ignatova Lyubov Stepanovna, 68 years old, Zelenograd

I already have experience in growing blueberries, but for a change I decided to buy a seedling of the Patriot variety. Planting and caring for Patriot blueberries in the Moscow region is absolutely not difficult, the plant safely tolerates low temperatures, is resistant to most diseases and viruses. The berries are very juicy, tasty, and the jam from them is incredibly tasty.

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