Pepper Bogatyr

Pepper Bogatyr

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Gardening enthusiasts experience well-deserved satisfaction and pride in receiving a rich harvest. The sweet variety Bogatyr fell in love with gardeners, as it justifies the expectations placed on it.

Any harvest begins, first of all, with the purchase of seeds. Many manufacturers have in their assortment the popular Bogatyr variety, although data on the appearance of the fruit vary. Agrofirm "SeDek" declares that the peppers have a cone shape, weight 80-130 g. "Siberian varietal seeds" have a cuboid shape. The firm "Aelita", "Poisk" produce plant seeds, the fruits of which are cone-shaped, weighing up to 200 g. Carefully read the information from the manufacturer on the description of Bogatyr pepper, so as not to be disappointed in your expectations. What the fruits look like, look at the photo:


When describing the Bogatyr pepper, other characteristics of the plant remain the same, regardless of who produced the seeds. It bears fruit stably, belongs to the mid-season.

Seeds sprout together, in large quantities. If you plant seedlings of Bogatyr pepper in the second half of February, then in May they will be ready for planting in the ground. How to sow sweet peppers correctly, watch the video:

Advice! Keep the seedlings warm and use additional light sources.

The fruit of the Bogatyr variety has an average wall thickness of 6 mm, sometimes reaching 8 mm, and has excellent taste and aroma. Suitable for canning, freezing, heat treatment and fresh consumption. Retain presentation during transportation. An important characteristic for those gardeners who are engaged in the cultivation of crops for sale.

Bogatyr pepper grows powerful, spreading, up to 80 cm high. It is recommended to plant it with the following spacing: 50 cm between rows and 30 - 40 between plants.

Advice! The bushes are very fragile. Therefore, create additional support for the plant and tie it up.

For regular watering and loosening, weeding and fertilization, the variety responds with active growth and fruiting. 120 - 135 days pass from germination to green fruit. This is the technical maturity of the fruit for the most impatient. It will take about three more weeks for the onset of biological maturity, when the fruits acquire a rich red color. They contain the maximum amount of vitamin C. Not everyone knows that peppers are the leader among vegetables for vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and a participant in the recovery processes in our body.

Sweet pepper Bogatyr is resistant to diseases. He is not affected by tobacco mosaic, late blight, verticillosis and other misfortunes. The variety withstands temperature extremes and low illumination, gives a consistently high yield up to 6 - 8 kg per 1 sq. M.


Stepanova A.K., 47 years old, Korolev

We definitely grow the Bogatyr variety in our garden. The fruits have a specific peppery aroma and rich taste. Bushes grow huge, always give a rich harvest. I prefer to freeze peppers for the winter. The taste, color and even aroma are preserved. I want to give a little advice: read carefully the description of Bogatyr pepper on a bag of seeds. Otherwise, you will get a harvest that is not at all heroic.

Churkin E.A., 68 years old, Vladimir

For the past few years, I have been planting exclusively pepper of the Bogatyr variety. The apt name speaks for itself. Large, elongated fruits taste great. It happened that I grew up weighing more than 200 g. I made my choice and advise others.

Voropaeva I.A., 57 years old, Lipetsk

I love red bell peppers so that I can grow without too many problems. A neighbor in the garden recommended the Bogatyr variety. Yes, there are many and very large peppers. I just had to be patient to wait for the peppers to turn red.

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