Art forging: varieties of beautiful forged products

Art forging: varieties of beautiful forged products

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Forged elements have a very large polarity around the world. Various masters over the centuries have perfected this technique, and now modern craftsmen can create truly unique masterpieces that can impress every person. Products that are made by forging, combines durability, personality and beauty, and therefore it is so often used by many owners of private sites or ordinary high-rise buildings.

The use of forged metal products

In the modern world, art forging for metal is very well established and is used in many places. Such products can be found as in private courtyards, and in some apartments.

The most popular forged products:

  • goal;
  • fences;
  • window grilles;
  • stairs and railings;
  • arbors;
  • lanterns;
  • barbecues;
  • furniture or furnishings;
  • products for the fireplace.

This list can be continued for a very long time, because modern forging capabilities allow you to create absolutely metal any forms and objects that can fit into almost any interior of an apartment or house. To deal with the whole variety of forged products, it is not enough just to look at photos on the Internet.

There are a lot of beautiful things that are published only in special books or manuals, they give useful tips on where you can apply forging - on a city street or in your house.

Advantages of forging

Why do people love shod so much metal products? Many metals are subject to corrosion, and this will adversely affect both the aesthetic appearance and the performance properties. Despite this, forging is very popular, and even today, when various artificial materials are used for gates and fences, many people still use those metals that can rust over time. You just need to study the positive aspects of this art in order to understand the answer to this question.

Advantages of forged metal:

  • the beauty;
  • durability;
  • protective functions;
  • the possibility of manufacturing individual sizes;
  • work is done manually;
  • forged products are used in absolutely any style of interior;
  • It can be beautifully combined with other materials.

In fact, these are only the main advantages, of which only a little has been said. The list can be compiled for a very long time, and it will be very large. If you characterize the advantages of forged metal in a few words, it turns out that these products are the perfect combination of beauty, longevity and great functionality.

Few disadvantages

Of course, forging is very good, but such products have some disadvantages. These cons can be so significantthat many people will refuse such an acquisition.

The main disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • susceptibility to corrosion.

Of course, you can find a few more minuses, but they, one way or another, will flow from those already provided. The high cost of materials can deter many people. The budget of even the simplest art forging product, such as a fence, is much higher than that of another, simpler material. The process includes there are always very complex elements of art forging, which are very problematic to make and paint. That is why corrosion will appear quite soon.

Types of Forging

If you look at the forging style, you can understand that it is performed from almost any kind. This is one of the most important advantages. You can do simple simple things, as well as rich, possessing very complex and individual drawings. And it’s also very easy to snap to different architectural styles.

From the point of view of the technical plan, forging is divided into several varieties:

  1. Hot.
  2. Cold

Of course, these varieties have a lot in common, and they both provide the same products at the outlet, but cold and hot forging also has many differences. First of all, we are talking about personality and cost. To understand all of the above, you need to deal with each of the species in more detail.

Hot way

This is a classic method of manufacturing decorative products. A metal is used, which is first heated to a very high temperature, and then with the help of special devices it is given a certain shape. In modern workshops, horns are no longer used for furs, and nowhere else can you find a healthy hammer thief.

The old methods were replaced by electric motors, pneumatic hammers, drilling and cutting machines, as well as electric welding. But it should be noted that the principle of hand forging has remained the same as 200 years ago. Beauty and beauty The result of the forging is that the master is able to give the desired shape and shape to any metal.

Cold forging

In this method, unit manual labor will be replaced by machine labor. By unifying and stamping a variety of artistic elements, a very beautiful designer is obtained. If there is a welding machine and minimal skills, forged products can be made by yourself. Manufacturers provide very large catalogs. In them you can very easily find various sketches that you can do with your own hands.

Pros of cold forging:

  • Relatively low cost of products compared to hand forging.
  • Availability of materials.
  • An opportunity to receive different drawings and to fasten art elements among themselves.
  • You can make materials with your own hands.


  • Limited figures.
  • Standardization of elements.

Having studied the pros and cons, you can understand that cold forging is a good alternative to manual, especially if you do not want to spend too much money on the product.


If you forget about the cost of products, then the second drawback of any forging is corrosion. Any metal should be very well prepared for painting. The best option would be to clean the product from rust and scale using a sandblasting machine. The result is a good surface that is ideal for painting. Minus such processing is its cost. But the high price will justify the quality of the material.

If you spent a lot of money on processing with a sandblasting machine, then you should not save on paint. The best option would be to use a zinc-containing compound. In today's market there are a large number of options for such primers. They differ among themselves will be the zinc content in the solids, as well as the requirements for the solvent.

Regardless of the choice of brand, the primer can provide good and long-term protection of the material from corrosion. Distinctive features This coating is the ability to penetrate the top layer of the metal, and therefore there will be protection against moisture.

Paint use

For any product, you must first use a primer. If you ignore this fact, then even the most expensive paint will soon lose all its useful properties. The primer for metal has good adhesion and gives a remarkable degree of penetration for paint. And there are anticorrosive additiveswhich can increase resistance to corrosion.

Buying the cheapest option for paint and primer is not the most reasonable step, because the effect will be quite short-lived. The thing is that cheap paints have some negative properties. They will fade quickly and will not be able to provide long-term protection of the coating.

A good option would be to use paints on the covers of which are written "two in one" or "three in one." This implies that they can be used even without a primer. Such mixtures already contain soil, as well as a rust converter and the paint itself.

Paint must be applied in several layers. If finances allow, it is better to use industrial varieties. Very good brands are produced under the name Tikkurila. These paints are quite expensive, but have very significant the benefits in front of others. They can provide high reliability coatings, and a significant advantage is that they dry very quickly.

DIY forged products

If we talk about hot forging, in order to make various art things with one's own hand, one must have great experience and skill. And you will also need special equipment, without which it will be very difficult to carry out all the work. But if you use cold forging, then it is quite possible to make decent products with your own hands.

For this we need:

  1. Welded skills.
  2. Spacious room, which is equipped with a welding table. Of course, you can do without such a place, and just collect everything on the floor. But with this option, it is hardly possible to get something beautiful and worthwhile.
  3. Necessary elements of decor.
  4. Thumbnails. As a basis, you can take products that are placed on the Internet.
  5. Tools such as welding, tape measure, grinder.

Self-made safety precautions

If you decide to independently make a fence or any other product, then you must adhere to the basic principles of safety.

  1. If you use cold forging, then you can not do without the use of a welding machine, and you need to work with it very carefully. To begin with, you should clean the room from any igniting materials, since you can spark a fire with the help of sparks. And also we must not forget that at hand should always be in a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher, with which you can put out the fire of objects.
  2. When welding, always use a special mask that has a protective glass. This simple method will help to avoid eye burns. If you still caught the so-called "bunnies", then at night during sleep can cause problems. Your eyes will hurt badly and you will see almost nothing. For this case, it is necessary to prepare in advance and put a solution of tea leaves and water near the bed, and also a cotton swab or gauze should be at hand. In case of the above symptoms, moisten the gauze in a solution and apply to sore eyes. It will take some time to torment, but after about half an hour or an hour, the painful symptoms will go away. And also some people use raw potatoes, which are cut into two and applied to the eyes.
  3. When working with a grinder, you should always inspect the tool before starting interaction with metal. Disks should not be chipped, all elements of the device must be securely fastened.
  4. Use safety glasses when working.
  5. The work area must be cleaned of foreign objects, as it is very easy to trip over them and cause yourself serious injury.
  6. After welding, all the elements will be very hot, and therefore special tarpaulin gloves should be purchased to help avoid hand burns.

Everything may seem very complicated, but in fact, the process of assembling a forged product from ready-made materials may not be so problematic. Of course, all this cannot be compared with hot forging, but the result is very good.

And if you take into account that the product will be made with your own hands, then, firstly, you can save a very large amount, and secondly, be proud that such a beautiful work has turned out on its own. Double pride will come due to the fact that all neighbors and friends will know: such gates were made with their own hands, and therefore it is worth thinking about independently mastering such an activity as forging, rather than spending a lot of money on the purchase of a finished product.

You can forge anything if you have the right stencil and skills - patterns, animals, curly elements, figures, stand for the lamp. Large figures or a beautifully designed gate at home will look very magnificent in a private area or cottage. Blacksmithing is certainly difficult, but just imagine how beautiful the greeting on the gate made by hand from metal will look beautiful. Such details are always remembered by people for a long time. DIY forging is stylish, cheap and beautiful.

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