Water supply cottages: popular ways and do it yourself

Water supply cottages: popular ways and do it yourself

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Without water, the cottage is simply nowhere, and therefore, today we are considering the water supply of the cottage plot and are trying to provide it in the best way so that we can have water for our own use and for watering the plants.

A summer cottage without water is no longer a place for useful work and fun, but a real hard labor, after working on which even ecologically clean berries, vegetables and fruits are not wanted. In general, there is only one solution - urgently arrange water supply on the site, make it quality and as constant as possible.

How to provide a summer cottage with water

There are plenty of ways to make sure that there is always water in the summer cottage, and we will consider them right now.

From the well

The most ancient way. The well is a rather deep and narrow pit that reaches underground sources and is replenished at their expense. In fact, if there is no well in the area, then digging it is a real problem, because it is time-consuming and quite expensive, but if it is available, then throwing a hose into it and connecting to the pump is very simple, the main thing is that the water in the well is of good quality.

The water supply scheme in this case is very simple, you only need to purchase a sufficiently powerful pump with filters, install it near the well, connect the intake hose and water supply hose, and throw the main into the house, shower, closer to the plants. But, such a water intake has its drawbacks - a rather high cost of electricity, as well as periodic work to clean the bottom of the well, which is constantly being soiled. Moreover, depending on the water and its quality, you will need to choose reliable filters, constantly clean them or even change them.

From special tanks

This way out of the situation is convenient for those who do not have a water supply nearby, groundwater is far or of poor quality, and there is no living source nearby. Previously, in many villages, and even in summer cottages, there were not wells, but pools, deep reservoirs for storing water, which coped quite well with the task.

The water supply scheme is quite simple: building a tank from scratch (laying out of bricks, concrete rings, and so on) or installing a special, ready-made tank, constant delivery of water by tanks and pouring it into the tank. Further, the autonomous water supply of the cottage, as if from a well, is the installation of a pump and highways, with the help of which water will be distilled to the right place.

The good thing is that in this case, you can constantly get clean, not groundwater (salt or bitter), which will not need to be cleaned and spent on filters. She will defend and acquire even better quality, will be constantly cool. But, the most important minus is that at some point the life-giving moisture ends. This is where the headache starts again - ordering water, delivery, filling, purchase and delivery costs, and you also need to wash the tank well before pouring new water into it.

From the well

A great option, but only for the summer resident who has something to spend on such equipment, as well as if there is something to pay considerable bills for the electricity spent on lifting water from the depths of the earth.

But this is far from all expenses, but only current, because the equipment itself and drilling occupy a significant share of the budget. Simply put, it’s better to make a well after taking samples that determine the depth of water and its quality, as well as 2-3 yards, for example, at their intersections or borders, having thrown off finance with neighbors.

In this case, you will have equal total costs for the installation of water supply equipment, further, each will pay only their own, current expenses, for example, through an electricity meter. But remember that if you need to repair the system, then again you will have to systematically add up money. By and large, a well for several owners is a very good idea, but only if the neighbors are friendly and will not breed strife due to trifles.

The water supply scheme in this case is also simple - the water intake comes from the bowels of the earth, but at the top it is distributed depending on the mains.

A high-quality and properly equipped well on the site is the real autonomous water supply of the cottage.

From a living source

The organization of water supply in the country is greatly simplified if there is a river or stream nearby, a bet or a lake. Of course, it is not always possible to drink and prepare such water on it, but you really need the maximum liquid for caring for your summer cottage.

Here, on the one hand, everything is much simpler, but the other side should be evaluated - how to supply water to the site. Say, from the summer cottage to the river about 30 meters, and it is just so many meters of a quality pipe of the desired section that you will need. Plus, you need a sufficiently powerful water supply station for cottages, filters, water distribution. But this is not counting the fact that the entire water supply system in the country should be properly laid, otherwise there will be a loss of pressure and electricity, possibly weak pressure or its termination, freezing of pipes or cracking if they are not provided with the necessary protection, gusts, vandalism and so on.

It’s good if the river or stream is right on the territory of the summer residence, or on its border, then you only need a reliable and high-quality kit for the site’s water supply (automatic system), skillful pipe laying and connection.

Centralized cottage water supply

Of course, this is the best way where, once connected to a centralized highway, you don’t need to buy additional equipment, change expensive filters, negotiate with neighbors or change frozen pipes that carry water from a river or lake every year.

But no matter how “golden” this method may seem, and there are plenty of difficulties in it.

Documenting. Mandatory permits for connection, work, long lines and loss of time, stably unbearable, familiar to all bureaucracy.

Financial expenses. In addition to spending money on pipes, manholes, insulation and a lot of necessary little things, you will be required to pay a lot of fees, meters, their inspection and sealing, permission fees, as well as the installation of water supply in the country itself.

Water outages. Everything is not so sweet with a centralized water supply, as it seems initially, because water interruptions due to gusts, repair or maintenance work are possible, and this is the loss of moisture reserves, and the death of plants in the country, and other problems.

Turnkey water supply

A great option for that summer resident who has some savings. He absolutely does not care who and how will make him water in the country, the main thing is that it be, and be constantly. A lot of private organizations are engaged in such work, which take on not only the permit system and the complete design, but also the complete system design: installation, pipe laying, pipe insulation, cabling, installation of automation and much, much more. It is very convenient when you want to do everything in the complex, for example, sewage and water supply. Here, at least, it will be possible to save a lot of time at least on signing the necessary securities. But remember that this work costs money, because no one will undertake to solve such issues without a decent reward. Therefore, before choosing this method, calculate everything to the penny, or let the managers of the company you contacted do so that the costs do not exceed your capabilities.

DIY water supply

We have already talked about how to build a water supply system in the country, and we have consistently described a similar process, but if you have not studied this material thoroughly, or you just missed it, then we will recall some of its most basic points.

So, water supply of a summer cottage on its own is possible, like any other job, you only need to have a margin of safety of the nervous system, a certain amount of free time, and, naturally, a certain amount of money. It will not be expedient to calculate and name it, since it can vary in values ​​from thousands to hundreds of thousands. After all, there are a lot of parameters that control the costs: the type of water supply, its quality, the total length of the pipes, simple or serious automatic water supply of the cottage, hot or only cold, and so on.

Let's go in order and try again to remember everything that comes in handy. So, regardless of where the water will come to the site (let us leave this decision personally for your consideration), it will be necessary to settle a lot of questions.

Autonomous water supply scheme

This is the very first thing that needs to be compiled, depending on the type of water supply, automation, water supply distance, pipe laying and wiring project, water pressure in the system, commissioning in buildings, and so on.

Necessary equipment

Now, water supply equipment, external and internal. By external we mean the following: water supply pumping stations for summer cottages, filters, meters, pipes and so on. Under the interior, exactly what will be inside the house, for example, taps, boilers, distributors.

It is not easy to choose water supply equipment for a summer residence, it is worth having certain knowledge and practice, and therefore, if you do not know the features of water supply systems, do not understand the cross-section of pipes and water pressure, as well as other professional issues, it would be better to pay for a consultation or even help at work.

Winter water supply in the country (video)

Schedule of water supply in a summer cottage

We will call this point of the material that way, because at this stage, you will need to decide exactly whether water is needed only in summer or even in winter. Naturally, if the cottage is only for planting vegetables and fruits, and it is located far beyond the city, then monitoring the water, timely shutdowns and seals will be much easier (only twice a year, during switching on and off in the season) than paying for cubic meters in case of gusts. This, of course, is only a summer water supply.

If the dacha is a habitable house where you visit constantly, then there is no point in shutting off water for the winter, you can just constantly pay for its consumption by the meter, that is, choose year-round water supply for the cottage.

Pipes for water supply

The water supply scheme will require you not only to choose the pipes correctly, but also to lay them around the site, as well as provide them with some protection. If you determine that you need water supply in the winter, then make sure that the water does not freeze in the pipes in severe frost. This means only one thing, that you will need the correct laying of pipes to a certain depth, the mandatory installation of inspection wells with shut-off valves, as well as pipe insulation.

Water system connection

Now, only the help of an experienced specialist who will tell you how to put everything together, or the simplest personal skills and our material to help, where we described the water supply in the country.

The connection must be carried out very correctly, especially if you start water in a residential building.

Internal work

Now it remains only to distribute the pipes inside the house, install shutoff valves, mixers, sewer outlets and drains, but do not forget that cold water in the house is not enough, because if you carry out expensive work, then include in their list the full hot water supply of the cottage. To take a bath or shower, to arrange cleaning, or even simply, to wash the dishes in this case will be much easier.

Here you will not need special knowledge, the scheme is not obligatory (unless you will bring hot water to the territory centrally), but a good boiler, 100 liters per liter, will be enough and the problem will be solved.

By and large, it should now be clear how to make water supply in the country, well, at least where to start and at what course to follow. We hope that you will make the right choice, and soon soon your house will always have both cold and hot water for various needs. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material about the Smart Home system.

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